Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boy's Sword

Once upon a time, there was a good witch who lived with her two children, a boy and his sister. The sister was a very fair maiden. The fairest in all the kingdom. One day, the evil king came and kidnapped the sister from her small village so he could take her to wife. The good witch was so heartbroken that she got very sick. She gave the boy a magical sword. A sword that would only work for him, and also make him invincible in combat. She told the boy that her wish for him was to save his sister. After that, she promptly died.

The boy traveled through the brilliant country side of rolling hills until he came to the castle. He waited until it was the dead of night. He swam across the moat avoiding all the creatures that lived within. Then he expertly scaled the wall and carefully dropped down into the inner courtyard. In the deep shadows of the far corner, he could just make out the form of a girl. He strode toward her with newfound determination. Upon getting closer he could make out that she was bound and had a bag over her head. He was halfway across the courtyard when an arrow split through the air over his head and embedded itself in the ground a few feet in front of him. He turned toward his assailant and saw the strident figure of the evil king closely followed by an archer. As they got closer, the boy slid his sword out of its sheath with a soft hiss that rang across the night.

The sword was glowing a soft green, revealing all the powerful magic that lay deep within. The evil king was thence forth, immediately overcome by a profound sense of greed.

The evil king stopped and called over to the boy, “If you give the sword, I’ll give you the girl,” The boy, knowing the sword would only work for him, quickly agreed. He set the sword on the ground and ran over to the girl. He talked quietly to her in a reassuring voice. He pulled the bag off her head. To his surprise, the girl he found was strikingly beautiful, but it wasn’t his sister. He quickly unbound her and turned to face the evil king. The evil king could not lift the sword, but continued to try with all his might. The boy pulled out a dagger and hurled it. It struck the archer square in the chest, killing him instantly. He walked over to the evil king and ripped the sword, still sticking out of the ground, out of his grip.

The evil king stumbled and fell over onto the ground. He started to crawl backward away from his determined pursuer. The evil king stopped in his escape attempt when the point of the glowing sword pricked his neck. The evil king began to beg for forgiveness from the boy for all his evil doings. The boy quickly silenced the evil king’s protestation with a swift, clean swipe of his sword. He cut off the evil head of the king, who never uttered another horrible syllable again.

The boy quickly returned to the side of the beautiful girl, and together they went off in search of the boy’s sister. They soon found her and she was able to return to the village and her worried lover. The girl actually turned out to be the daughter of the evil king. She was so elated to be out from under the throng of the evil king, that she happily married the boy. The reigned together as king and queen for the rest of their days. The magic sword was placed in a vault, deep under the large castle. Nobody in the entire kingdom was able to lift the magic sword. So it sat waiting, in the vault, for the next rightful heir to come and wield it.

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