Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Story 1

This is the first story in a series of stories I find fun to write, and will maybe someday add to. If you really want to, feel free to use them as writing prompts for yourself.


Kya cried out in alarm as the hulking figure rose up before her. She backed away until her foot caught a root, and she fell to the ground. It was over. She knew it. She was going to die in the forest by the hands of a stranger. Kya should have known better than to wander off alone in the woods. The stranger had been popping up everywhere for the last week. She curled into a ball and closed her eyes as the stranger stepped out of the shadows toward her. Tears were streaming from her pinched shut eyes.

“Kya?” the stranger asked softly.

The voice haunted her. She hadn’t heard that voice in years. Blinking her eyes open, she peered out at the stranger. She couldn’t speak.

He pulled her off the ground and hugged her tightly. “I had to be sure it was you.”

Kya’s voice cracked out. “Trevor? But . . . but . . . you’re supposed to be dead.”

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